Want to Ramp Up Your Energy?

Feel great and make lasting habit changes in just 10 days!

10-Day Free Eating Challenge 

October 12th - 21st

Feeling low on energy, tired? I have a solution for you! My 10-Day Eating Challenge where you focus on eating or doing MORE of something to bring you energy. No cutting back, that doesn’t work. Instead do MORE of something. MORE protein at every meal, MORE water, MORE low glycemic carb foods, MORE eating til full, or MORE regular breakfast. Click on the signup button to get started. 

Feel better! From the inside out!

In 10 days you'll make a BIG difference. You will feel success that you can continue for lasting changes! Get out of bad habits that creeped in by forming good new ones!

Eating great feels amazing and your body will love you for it!

Ramping Up Energy Habits! Pick ONE for 10-Day Challenge 

Pick ONE below to do for the full 10-Day Eating Challenge

More Plants

More Vegetables

Fills you up so even energy throughout the day. I will help you find simple ways to boost your intake that take little time.  

Protein at Every Meal

Protein at Every Meal

Keeps blood sugar from rising sharply and fills you up. I will help you work in protein at every meal and just enough for energy, not too much. 

More Whole Grains

More Low-Glycemic Carbs

These carbs “slow” down the release of glucose into the bloodstream so level blood sugar levels - no more low energy. 

More Eating until Full

More Eating Til Full

Eating when hungry and stopping when full and not overfull are key to achieving high energy. I will help you master eating for hunger and make it habit. 

Breakfast Every Day

More Regular Breakfast

Breakfast is so key for setting up your day. You want to be sure to have enough calories, protein and fiber to give you energy all day long. 

More Water

More Water

Dehydration can leave you feeling drained. Getting enough water is key for energy. I will help you determine how much and setup habits for lasting success.  

10-Day Eating Challenge Includes

  • Daily email with tips and inspiration 
  • Individual emails from me supporting you and answering questions
  • Private Facebook group where questions are answered within hours
  • Three Facebook Live Q&A sessions
  • Principles of eating for peak energy
  • How to change behaviors into lasting habits
  • Step-by-step instructions for your ONE energy habit you selected

About Me

Dr. Teresa Pangan

Dr. Teresa Pangan

I am passionate about living my life to the fullest - each and every day. I am busy with my four kids, church, work and taking time for myself. I know it isn't easy. I have great days and a few not so great days. 

I can't afford to have be low on energy, to get sick, to feel down. This is why I take time to take care of my body from the inside out. 

I hop out of bed each day to help people like you focus on lasting habit changes. I want to help you setup positive eating habits for energy, to feel great, and to live your full potential every day. 

I have a doctorate in nutrition, am a registered dietitian nutritionist and am dedicated to helping amazing women like yourself that give so much to others, to their work, and to their family. 

Let me support you - join my 10-day challenge!