Summers growing up my mom encouraged my siblings and I (there were five of us) to plan menus and prepare food for a week or two.  I didn’t need any encouragement.  I loved it.  I poured through magazines and tore out recipes that looked good.  Still today I tear out (and take photos of) recipes that I want to try.

I have always loved to cook.  For me it isn’t about being a culinary expert or trying to be the next big chef.  Instead, I have inside of me a drive to find great tasting food that nourishes the body too.

I am amazed at the human body and how it’s intricacies work.

Did you know it has 60,000 miles of blood vessels with nerve impulses traveling to and from the brain at speeds of 250 miles per hour? And your heart will beat about 3 billion times throughout your lifetime?

Now, with four kids (three still at home), turning fifty, parents that have battled disease, and a doctorate in nutrition, I have a new appreciation for food and the power it has to UP-or-DOWN grade our bodies.

My mother, now in her mid 70s, has survived four cancers. She is very active traveling with friends, volunteering, and shortly will be a yoga instructor.  My dad, on the other hand was diagnosed with heart disease over 28 years ago.  And truth be told, it shows.  I know for him, each day is a struggle.  He has multiple aches and pains.  His walk is wobbly and close to a shuffle.

My parents are an opportunity for me to decide how I want to be for my next 50 years of life.  There is still time for me to turn around my health and have a huge impact on how and if I develop disease. You are what you eat in a lot of ways.  Food has the hidden power to neutralize or remove stubborn, unwanted substances from our tissues, and to trigger processes at the cellular level to reverse the progression of disease.

The latest science says nearly all of us have within us seeds of disease.  The question is whether that potential for disease will become active or remain dormant.  I am intentionally taking the route of remaining dormant.  Which will you choose?

My days are filled with work, church and activities. I often don’t have a lot of time to cook.  Over the years I have developed quick recipes that are based on fresh ingredients so I don’t have to sacrifice my health and or that of my kids. I want to share my tips and secrets. I don’t want cooking, shopping and eating to take over yours or my life.  Health can still be a priority with a busy life.

I am committed to helping people like me, aged 50 or over, change the tide of their own health and ability to fight off disease.

I invite you to join me.

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Teresa Pangan, PhD, RDN

I received my doctoral degree in nutrition from Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas. I completed two Bachelor of Science degrees from Iowa State University in dietetics and consumer food science.

I have 20+ years in a variety of dietetic and nutrition settings including clinical, food service management, community nutrition, clinical nutrition, private practice and entrepreneurial venture positions.  Highlights include founding cooking light classes for a medical facility where I demoed my own recipes. I setup in the Dallas-area a thriving private practice through collaboration with local medical practices. I have given hands-on food presentations in the community through my prior position in an outpatient cancer center.

I enjoy teaching students at Benedictine University in Illinois and Mansfield University in Pennsylvania in their masters level nutrition programs.

I have given numerous state and national level presentations (20+) to both to health professionals on using the latest technologies and best business practices to help more people and the public on eating for energy.

I am passionate about connecting through demos and presentations with the public on how to ward off age-related disease through the food choices they make.


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