Designing Your Workplace for Healthier Eating Effortlessly

You spend 8, 9 10 hours a day at work. What if you could make a few minor changes in your workplace that could have HUGE changes on your health? You could feel better, look better, get more done and be out sick less often?

I have five easy things in this video you can do so what you eat fuels you and helps you feel better and live better too. Click to view the video.

1. Move candy at least 6 feet away.
2. Eat lunch away from your desk.
3. Bring your lunch from home.
4. Grab fruit first if you end up eating in the cafeteria.
5. Pre-order if you go out to lunch.

Practice these easy five things to make a difference in your health in BIG ways.


I am a mother of 4, active in my church and community, and passionate about making food food fun, high energy and fascinating. I have no extra time to be slaving away in the kitchen or going to special markets for unusual ingredients and I doubt you do either. I will never ask you to eat food you don’t love. Read more >>

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