Frig Makeover for Healthy Eating Easy


Effortless Eating for a Healthier You

Start with a Fridge 10-Item Checklist


Eat Better Without Trying

What if you could make it easy to do the right thing and hard to do the wrong thing? That is what habits are all about. The first step is a makeover of your kitchen, starting with your fridge. 

The key is to make it easy to grab for something healthy that is ready to go.

Which Refrigerator Looks Most Like Yours?

Empty refrigerator

Dieters Fridge

A myth is if you don't have any food in your fridge, you won't eat anything you don't want to eat. Not true. You need to stock great food options. Download the checklist to find out more.  

Crammed full refrigerator

Eat and Run Fridge

This food is crammed in the fridge. It lacks an organization system. The real estate in the fridge with the highest value is being used for bags and containers that are hard to know what they have inside.  

Healthy food in refrigerator

Trying to Eat Healthy Fridge

Yes, this fridge has healthy food, but not ready to eat healthy food. When most people open their fridge they want something to eat right then. Most won't take time to peel and chop. 

Why We Grab for Pizza and Not an Apple

The solution to eating healthier is not counting calories and eating just steamed fish and salads. With your life full of stress, that is not going to happen, not for long anyways.  

People know that an apple is better for them than a Snickers bar, but they eat the Snickers bar anyways. Instead, lack of motivation and willpower from our busy, super scheduled lives is the cause. When you take willpower and motivation out of the equation, eating better just got much easier. 

It's seven o'clock at night, you just got home from work, you have several things left on your todo list, there is no way you are going to thaw out chicken, cut up four different vegetables and make a homemade salad dressing for dinner. In reality, kids are pulling at you, phones are texting, the microwave is beeping since someone couldn't wait until dinner, and you have two loads of laundry blocking the stairs.  

What works is for you to make some changes in your environment and setup habits so you can without thinking just eat better. Start with my refrigerator makeover checklist. It will take you 15 minutes or less

About Me

Teresa Pangan nutritionist

Dr. Teresa Pangan

I am busy with my four kids, church, and work. My life is on the go all day long. Managing my energy and health is important to me.

When I turned 50 this last year, I dug deep into researching healthy eating, behavior change and creating habits. I wanted to know what to do to live an active and long life. I don't have time to be in the kitchen all day. And I don't do well with gardens (I kill every plant given to me). 

And most important, I don't want illness or my health to slow me down. What I do now really counts for my health. 

I found what I needed were practical, nearly effortless health habits that are packed with powerful foods. If you have no time, nearly no willpower, then you need to setup habits that make it easy to do the right thing and hard to do the wrong thing. 

I want to share what I found works. It doesn't have to be so hard.