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First, I Want You To Feel Great.

Follow my High Energy Plan Below Before You Start the
Power Packed Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes or Living Well Plans


After starting this plan you will feel more energy and be able to go longer feeling alert and energetic. Stick with this plan for three weeks before moving on to one of my power packed plans.

The first step is to pick the easiest day in your week to commit to this High Energy Plan.  For most people it is too much to start right off committing to three days a week.  So aim for just one day this next week to put the High Energy Plan steps into practice.

The following week add in second day, the next easiest day to follow this High Energy Plan in your week.  Then on your third week, go up to three days in your week following the High Energy Plan.

Don’t overdue things as you get started.  I want you to do this for the rest of your life, so make it doable and realistic.  Recall in the past when you started a new ‘diet’ and after just a few weeks gave up?  It probably was not doable and got to be too much trouble.  This is NOT a diet, it is a new way of life so ease into it.

Divi Theme Examples

High Energy Plan for Three Weeks

Once you hit three weeks at three days a week on the High Energy Plan you are ready to move into the next phase where you select your primary goal and follow the plan for power packed eating:

You simply stick with the same three days that worked for the High Energy Plan and follow the Power Packed Eating Plan for whichever (Living Well, Heart Disease, Cancer or Diabetes) you select.

So in the end, you only need to follow the Power Packed Eating Plan steps for three days a week!  That’s it!!


Divi Theme Examples

By being smart and intentional with your food choices you can harness the hidden power in foods.

You can reduce and eliminate many of the toxic influences interacting in our bodies to cause disease by following my prep tips and food subgroups to select from.  Also you can boost your immune system and build heavier defenses to reverse the progression of diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease by following the steps for three days a week.

I have kept the plans simple and practical enough for real people to follow in real life.   You (and your doctor) will be amazed at the results you get.

And remember, this is not a quick fix, this is a new way of life for just three days a week.

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