Fuel for Your Body

How Our Bodies Turn Food into Energy

All parts of the body (muscles, brain, heart, and liver) need energy to work. This energy comes from the food we eat.

Foods contain stored chemical energy. To release this stored energy you have to eat the food.

Our bodies break down the food so the stored energy can be transported in the body. Breakdown starts in the mouth and continues in the stomach by mixing the food with fluids (acids and enzymes). When the stomach digests food, it breaks down the food into molecules that are food building blocks like glucose, amino acids, triglycerides, fatty acids and more.

The stomach and small intestines absorb theses building blocks and transport them throughout the body where they end up one of two ways. One is being used immediately as energy by breaking ATP down to ADP for physical activity or for bodily functions like fighting off bad guys in your body. A second way is the building blocks can be stored as chemical energy waiting for their turn to be released as immediate energy from ATP to ADP (most stored energy is stored as fat in our body).

In simple terms, food in our body is broken down by the digestion process to simpler structures that are absorbed into the body and stored for use later or used as energy immediately.

If you want to feel high energy you want a constant supply of this immediately energy in the blood stream so it is ready to be released. Too much stored energy in the blood stream and you will feel an energy high followed by a longer energy low. Too little stored energy in the blood stream means you will feel sluggish while your wait for your body to convert stored energy into the immediate form of energy.

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Your goal is a steady supply of this immediate energy in the blood stream.


This feeling of high energy all day I call outside high energy. You feel focused, productive and alert all day long. When this happens you can be on your feet all day long without feeling tired. You have a constant and even supply of energy in your bloodstream.

Outside High Energy Key Concepts to Understand:

  • the minimum amount of protein you need each day to keep muscle and build it so you feel healthy
  • how to split up protein throughout the day for energy and muscle optimum levels
  • the ratio of fat to protein to carbohydrate to prevent slumps in energy
  • high or low carb and what types of carbs carry energy best in your body for an even release



There is another type of energy that is important. It gives your body strong ‘armies’ to fight off disease and other organisms that wear you down.

This type of energy focuses on giving you high energy for many tomorrows. This translates to an active productive and brilliant life for 20, 30, 40 and very likely 50+ more years!

I call this INSIDE energy – strong body defenses that are able to fight off disease.

Inside High Energy Key Concepts to Understand:

  • what foods to add into your diet to stop and even reverse disease ninja-style
  • what spices and herbs boost your immune system
  • how best to prepare foods for their highest anti-oxidant activity
  • is more better or is there an optimum level of fighting foods to eat

Maximize your energy inside and outside your body!

No, this isn’t where I tell you that you will have to give up dining out or have to start growing your own food. Science fortunately is able to tell us what and when for both inside and outside energy and specific foods that have fighting power against the top age-related diseases: heart disease, cancer and diabetes for inside energy.

I want you to continue to eat your favorite foods, dine out with your friends, and try new foods while you travel. This is not a plan you follow every meal and every day and limits your life.

By following the principles I share you will FEEL great, look and act ten years younger or more, reduce doctor visits by big numbers, save thousands of dollars in medical costs, and give yourself tons more time to do what you love – make the world a better place.

High energy for your body INSIDE and OUTSIDE! Get started by signing up below!

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