Are you struggling with healthier eating so you can feel better and reverse disease?

I can help.

If you want to be healthier and feel tons better, the first step is to look at the habits you need in place to make it easy to eat the foods you want to and hard to eat the foods you don’t.




I can evaluate your health, current habits and routines, lifestyle, food preferences and more to create a custom solution for you.


Then I guide you in how to create the habits you need to harness the hidden power in foods so you feel great and stop, reverse aging.


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Hi, I’m Teresa Pangan, and like you…

A busy mom that wants to feel great.

I work with a small number of clients at a time for 8 weeks or more to change eating patterns and beliefs and replace them with new habits, beliefs and nutrition knowledge to generate the health they want.

Habits are customized to what you want to happen in your health the most:


Manage cravings


Eat tons better overall


Feel on top of eating for health without feeling deprived


Put into autopilot habits that will support your health goals


Get entire family onboard to healthy eating


Stop and prevent diabetes, cancer and/or heart disease

And to feel amazing!

I know you’ve tried to eat better multiple times, but nothing seems to work.

It’s really hard to be good. Your willpower gives in.

You want something  that will last to standout most.

Is this right for me?

We will dive deep together to create the habits in your life so you can achieve the results you have fantasized about. The results are rich and the work is rewarding.

I want to help you retire those old habits that are getting in the way of the health you want and instead put into practice habits that support you and your goals.

Health can still be a priority with a busy life. How young are you? What is your health history? Food allergies? Energy level? Favorite foods? Culinary confidence?

All these are part of a solution tailored for you.

Create the Health You Want for a Lifetime

Set Up Your Environment

Before investing time and energy in any changes,  your environment at home, work, travel and leisure needs to be evaluated and modified. You have to make it easy to do what you want and hard to do want you don’t want to do.  We will also dive into skills like menu planning, label reading, and recipes.

Master Habit Building

This is where we find the appropriate places in your routines to build new habits that will last, that you do in autopilot.  You will also learn to master the process of building new habits.  Breaking behaviors you want into mini habits and imprinting them so you automatically do them  is the focus.

Fine Tune for a Lifetime

Now that you have built habits for the health you want,  we attack the specific strategies and skills to sustain your health. The focus here  is on a lifetime,  not a week or a month or a year.  We look closely at strengthening areas that many people tend to struggle with. Your confidence will soar.

Why This Works

Foundation is Habit Change

I specialize in habit changes that last.  If you want to change your health, feel great from the inside out, then you need to make eating foods that have hidden powers in them routine, habit, or automatic.

Master Best Practices

I help you master strategies and skills that matter.  We spend time only on skills  and habits that  bring about the health you want and prevent it from slipping away.   You will no longer doubt your food choices.

Customized for You

This is not another program.  This looks deep into your life and changes only what needs to be changed.  I help you create health practices focused on feeling & being super great from the inside out.

Ready to talk?

I’d love to chat and get to know you and find out where I can help and support you.

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